Alcova WYoming


Summer Fun, Just 30 Minutes Away. Alcova Wyoming

A lot of people forget there are residents that live in Alcova Wyoming. There is even a school there as you work your way back to Black Beach or all the way back to Pathfinder (bit bumpy and hilly, but sure is a beautiful drive). Appliance Doctor of Casper and Central Wyoming serves Alcova residents year round. You'll enjoy the professionalism of our factor trained and certified home appliance technicians.  (P.S, if you could tell us where the fish are biting most before we come out, we would really appreciate the tip. Whats a trip to the lake after your repairs or service with a little fishing?) Call or Email Us, We make house calls!


 We offer speedy and reliable service to your home and strive for your satisfaction. Unlike the cable company, we try to work around your schedule.  307-267-3595