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Service, Repair & We Make House Calls.

Over the years technology has changed. Mostly for the better but not always dependable.

  With over 20 years experience we have seen many appliances come and go. Wanting to stay with the current trends we learn, learn again, and yes, then, learn even more. It's a never ending cycle. We don't learn on your dime though. Appliance Doctor Home Appliance Repair and Service takes the time to train, and get the most out of every class as possible. How does that translate to you? Knowledgeable, certified, factory trained, professional, efficient, money saving, and repairs or service done right the first time. 

We make house calls 307-267-3595

Preventative Maintenance Can Do More Than You Think.

  A lot of the times people get a new washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, deep freeze, etc. They do like some infomercials say, set it and forget it. Appliance Doctor of Casper wishes you the best with your new home appliance. Most likely, you may not need our expertise in major home appliance repair service. 

  A great way to keep the "Doctor" away is preventative maintenance. Appliance Doctor Repair and Service has special rates for corporate as well as you, for preventative maintenance. Schedule your service with us and feel even more confident in the longevity of  your major home appliances.  We make house calls. 307-267-3595

No Warranty, No Problem!

  While Appliance Doctor of Casper and Central Wyoming, Repair and Service is Central Wyoming's exclusive LG & Samsung Appliance repair, not everyone has LG or Samsung, let alone a warranty on other brands. We are factory trained on all major brands, and have a large inventory of parts to your appliances immediate need(s). Our pricing is affordable and service dependable.